If Doors Blowing Open During Windy Days Is a Problem for YOUR Business, Draft Stops is the Solution...

  • Inward opening doors
  • NO moving parts
  • Wind gusts up to 45 mph
  • Quit losing Precious heating or cooling
  • Cut heating and/or cooling costs
  • Having to RESET displays

   Invented and designed right here in Wichita, Kansas by Nicholas St Jon.

   When the north and south doors opening in at his brother's Spring Clean Laundromats kept blowing open, he decided he could come up with a solution, thus the birth of the Draft Stops.

   The first version is for the unidirectional door opening in only one direction.

   Using magnets at a specific strength will hold the doors CLOSED even with wind gusts up to 45 mph, yet when customers come through the same door, they don't even realize the device is there.

   Several months of design testing has resulted in a "no moving parts" 2 piece set that installs in minutes and holds doors closed from winds up to 45 mph.

   This video shows the before and after amounts of force it takes to open the doors.

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